How to Increase Your Consulting Income Using Proven Consulting Tools

Take Your business to the Next Level of Success As a consultant, your clients look to you to help them achieve better results, in the least amount of time possible. Whether it’s guiding them through a merger, increasing market share, or creating an exit plan, using time-tested and proven consulting tools will increase your effectiveness Read more about How to Increase Your Consulting Income Using Proven Consulting Tools[…]

The Five Disciplines of Profitability

Profitability is no accident! In fact, profitability starts with a mindset. It also requires written plans, budgets, and talented management and employee teams to execute the plan. Without the mindset and the determination to be profitable, most companies will not achieve maximum profitability. I refer to this mindset and the action it inspires, the discipline Read more about The Five Disciplines of Profitability[…]

Non-Profits: Your Plan is Your Promise!

If you are responsible for the leadership and operations of a non-profit, you must have a clear plan! Then you must communicate it, execute it, and deliver the results. That is your responsibility and your promise! The hungry, poor, needy, homeless, sick, elderly, immobile, blind, among many others, are counting on you and your organization to deliver Read more about Non-Profits: Your Plan is Your Promise![…]

When Supervising Sales… Enforcement or Encouragement?

It must be something about my background or upbringing. When I hear “supervision” and “accountability,” I go to the negatives. When I think of supervision, I think of hall monitors, playground supervisors and prison guards. When I think of accountability, I think of disappointment, warnings, bruised egos, reprimands, enforcement, retribution and big brother. If you Read more about When Supervising Sales… Enforcement or Encouragement?[…]

Lessons Learned About Planning

The greatest value in creating a plan is not the final document. It’s the communication, prioritization, focus, clarity and learning that make the process worthwhile. Have every manager and/or every team write a plan for their business unit, project or program. If it is their plan, in their words…its much more likely to become a Read more about Lessons Learned About Planning[…]

Cars and Business Plans Don’t Last Forever…

Business plans…you either love them or hate them. They are a beautiful thing when they create a unified focus and alignment across your company… And empower your team to go out and do what they must do to produce results. But fast-growing companies outgrow their business plans. Often, it is just a matter of time, Read more about Cars and Business Plans Don’t Last Forever…[…]

What’s the Difference Between a Bookkeeper, a Controller and a CFO?

Frequently I’m asked about the difference between a bookkeeper, a Controller and a CFO. Most owners and executives know when their company needs a bookkeeper or when they need a CFO, but in between… that’s when it gets difficult to decide who to hire. If you make the wrong choice it can cost you your Read more about What’s the Difference Between a Bookkeeper, a Controller and a CFO?[…]