Non-Profits: Your Plan is Your Promise!

If you are responsible for the leadership and operations of a non-profit, you must have a clear plan! Then you must communicate it, execute it, and deliver the results. That is your responsibility and your promise! The hungry, poor, needy, homeless, sick, elderly, immobile, blind, among many others, are counting on you and your organization to deliver Read more about Non-Profits: Your Plan is Your Promise![…]

Lessons Learned About Planning

The greatest value in creating a plan is not the final document. It’s the communication, prioritization, focus, clarity and learning that make the process worthwhile. Have every manager and/or every team write a plan for their business unit, project or program. If it is their plan, in their words…its much more likely to become a Read more about Lessons Learned About Planning[…]

Cars and Business Plans Don’t Last Forever…

Business plans…you either love them or hate them. They are a beautiful thing when they create a unified focus and alignment across your company… And empower your team to go out and do what they must do to produce results. But fast-growing companies outgrow their business plans. Often, it is just a matter of time, Read more about Cars and Business Plans Don’t Last Forever…[…]

Zen & the Art of Business Planning

Planning is a dialog. It starts deep within you. When the time is right… you will begin the process of exposing the dialog to your external world. The initial form may be written notes, informal discussions with people you trust. When it’s appropriate, you will expand the dialog to your community. The dialog will grow stronger… Read more about Zen & the Art of Business Planning[…]

The Role of Leadership in Planning

Executives love to talk about planning… most complain their processes don’t work very well. Harvard Business Review reports that only 11% of CEO’s believe that strategic planning is worth the effort. Most planning processes are too complex, and only document decisions already made. CEO’s have the responsibility to make their planning processes effective; I believe Read more about The Role of Leadership in Planning[…]

A Three Word Success Formula that Works… This is Why

Three simple words… focus, action, results. What a powerful formula for success. Simple to remember, has a lot of logic and yet difficult to practice. But why? Well many of us focus on say four, five, maybe even ten activities at once and put a lot resources against them and get results….or do we? And Read more about A Three Word Success Formula that Works… This is Why[…]

An Interview with Jim Horan by Erin Beatty

Jim Horan, a former corporate CFO, says he never really understood the importance of the written word until about twenty years ago. “I always thought the most important thing in business was the numbers,” Jim said. “I thought if you got the numbers right, the business would be successful.” Then Jim began to meet business owners Read more about An Interview with Jim Horan by Erin Beatty[…]