Non Profits: Your Plan is Your Promise!

If you are responsible for the leadership and operations of a nonprofit, you must have a clear non-profit plan! Then you must communicate it, execute it, and deliver the results. That is your responsibility and your promise!

This is because the hungry, poor, needy, homeless, sick, elderly, immobile, blind, among many others, are counting on you and your organization to deliver the services you promise!

For those of us who are concerned about the air we breathe, the water we drink, the damage being done to the oceans, lakes, rivers, rain forest and countless other environmental tragedies… we are counting on you and your organization to deliver on your promises.

Why it’s important…

Your grant makers, donors, volunteers in-kind contributors and supporters are counting on you to be extraordinarily efficient and effective in the delivery of your services.  When you take their time, money and support…you make a promise! Good intentions are not enough!

We created The One Page Business Plan for Non Profits to help non-profit executives define their promise(s) so clearly… they keep them.

Therefore, the key to crafting your business plan is keeping it simple.  One Page Plans are written with key words and short phrases. If you can text or tweet, you can write a clear and concise plan. Create a first draft of tour nonprofit plan, then share it with your team. Use the draft to catalyze the conversations and decisions that are critical to moving your non-profit to the next level of success and sustainability. (See my post on Simple and Effective Planning.)

The single biggest promise you will make as a leader is to find and hold your focus… regardless of all of the distractions and noise that show up every day.

Similarly, having your nonprofit plan on a single page keeps the promise clear and focused!

When everyone on your team owns a piece of the plan, the plan gets implemented… outcomes and results will be achieved.

Conclusion: The promise will have been kept!

Get Your Whole Team on the Same Page: Download “The Future of Planning and Performance Management – An Executive Briefing”.